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Trauma-informed yoga is an adaptation of TCTSY method for open practice.


- If you appreciate a body-based mindful practice or want to practise resting.

- If you appreciate possibility to choose.

- You are experiencing tiredness or depression, or you want to prevent stress symptoms and/or you feel like benefiting from restorative qualities of the practice.

- If you recognise limitations or limits with your body that you wish to honour without explaining them to the facilitator. 

- If you recognise qualities or feelings in your body for which you appreciate doing practice in your own pace. Such can be for example previous negative body practice experiences, underweight/overweight, changes in energy level because of challenges with sleep, illness, pain etc.

- You are welcome to participate your practice from your own body situation. 

- Trauma-informed yoga is not meant to be used instead of therapy or other possible clinical needs, though it may offer you support for better health.

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